Aug. 5, 2021

Catching Up

I was up late last night because I was thinking of my grandma again I listened to a grief meditation and sad songs before bed. I needed a good cry to reset my system. I know that this may sound odd, I could feel it building up and I had to let it out. I believe there is some truth to feeling better after a good cry. It had been a while since I have cried over her since I began resetting my routines. I am still processing and the first year is always the hardest.

As a result, I slept in and today became a day of me trying to catch up on everything including routines because I put them off. Even now I am playing catch up because I am writing this later than I usually do. The IPad and games are so addicting I can't help myself. I need to work on structuring my use to more appropriate times. It should be a reward, not a habit. I seem to do better about it when I am actually busy. I am still adjusting to finding constructive things for me to focus on that are productive.

I think what I will do is put my iPad away and only pull it out in the evening time after dinner. Having it out all the time makes it way too tempting to check it. Exactly like it is if I have my phone next to my bed. Unfortunately, that is where my meditation lessons come from so it comes down to willpower. I should research ways to improve my willpower.

Time to invest in learning about myself and what is good and bad for me. Have I said this in other ways already?? I feel like I have hahaha.

Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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