Aug. 7, 2021

Time for some Honesty- with myself

I have fallen off the sleep routine wagon this month. Having more and more days of sleeping in instead of getting up at 7 Am. My late-night use of technology is the biggest culprit. I was up until 2:40 am scrolling and texting on my phone. This isn't good. I haven't done it every night regardless; it is not what I desire. Falling asleep past midnight guarantees that I won't be getting up at the designated time.

I WILL continue to work on this because I want it.

Things I can do to stop my use of tech before bed:

  • DO NOT bring my phone or tablet into the bedroom unless *sleep meditation* is intended.
  • Block Social Media apps at a specific time
  • Turn off the tablet and store it away from my eyes nightly
  • *Phone goes into dresser drawer after sleep meditation.

I realize that I have posted in this format before or similarly. I will have to turn this into a project too. The two are related. Less tech use before bed= better sleep. When I am around other people, I am not on my phone. I don't walk around with my phone in my hand out in public because I (literally) can't. I use a walker that requires my hands. I don't bring my phone to the dinner table either. I leave it downstairs and check it when I get back. My Fitbit tells me if I get a call or text anyway, so I know that I have to check it or not when dinner is finished.

It is raining today and is supposed to rain tomorrow. My dog does not like walking in the rain. He should have been for walks on other days, but because of my excuses, I didn't. He pays the price for my inconsistency.

The TIme I got back on the wagon of habits. Going to bed and getting up early helps me, and the walk helps him. I like helping people, so I can apply this to my dog too. I need to remember this and rephrase it so that my brain is less likely to break the habits.

Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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