Aug. 8, 2021

A day of Movies on TV.

7 AM comes around quickly. It took me 10 minutes to pull myself out of bed. It was within the 15-minute window I give myself, though- so it counts in my books. It was cool this morning which meant I got to have a nice hot shower first thing. Thankfully it didn't put me back to sleep. I dressed and did my morning routine and fed the dog before I turned on the TV. Being a Sunday, there wasn't much on, so I turned the channel to AMC. They seemed to be having a Steven Seagul marathon because of at least three of his movies back to back. I only saw the end of the first one and watched the other two. I was too young to watch them when they first came out and hadn't heard of them, but I know who he is from media stories.

The TV is still on behind me as I write this. I had been listening to music for the last two days. I have had my fill of music for now. I may turn the TV off after this current movie is done and read for a while. I don't read enough. I want to change that, and I am working on building it as a habit. I have plenty of books to read that I have yet to read. I have the time, so why not? It is supposedly good for your brain too. Sure, I read things online all the time, but it is not the same when reading an actual book. To think the book form of reading is a dying thing due to technology. It is that or have a nap.

I am fighting the nap idea because I do not want it to mess with my bedtime. I still have things I want to do. Hopefully, I don't have an incoming headache. If I yawn ALOT a day later, I have a headache.

I hope tomorrow is nice so I can walk the dog in the morning.

Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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