Aug. 9, 2021

I will succeed.

My dog is a happy boy. I was up at seven, and we were out of the house, heading for a walk 20 minutes later. He got to meet some dogs today too. One he wanted to play with, the other he was scared of. He doesn't like intense dogs. He was happy and excited when we got home, expecting to see our other dor, I presume. The other was still inside, sleeping. We walked into the yard, and I removed his harness and leash. He ran off to the back part of the yard to more than likely have yet another bathroom break and came running back to me. He had a happy look on his face. He is currently lying on the floor behind this as I write this.

I feel good after having a shower and food. I have "Pulp Fiction" on AMC on my TV behind me too. My left hip is still acting up. About halfway through the walk, it hurts. My dog wanted to go the slightly longer way home today, so I and my hip got a good workout. I hope over time; the discomfort will go away. Consistency is key here.

Consistency is such a hard thing for me to maintain, especially when it is under my control. Unlike going to school as a kid, one doesn't have a choice. I could say that the lack of consistency in my family had an effect, but I feel like that is an excuse. I am of the age where I have the power to change that behaviour, and yet I seriously struggle with it, and I know it.

I am consistent with the following:

  • My morning routine
  • Making my bed
  • feeding my dog
  • eating when hungry
  • drinking enough water
  • journalling.
  • logging into some games daily for rewards

Things I am working on and improving:

  • evening routine
  • weekly cleaning

Things I am struggling with:

  • consistently getting up at 7 am (without feeling sleepy)
  • walking my dog consistently (poor pup)
  • cutting back on tech use (phone and tablet.)

Thinking about it all as a whole, I started this journey a few years ago, and this is the sum of my efforts thus far. At one point, I was walking my dog twice a day. I desire to get back to that when my hip stops hurting halfway through. Not sure if it is a side effect of when I slipped on the stairs a couple of months ago and hurt my toe or from sitting on a sofa that is just done for and old. Time will tell I suppose.

Today I feel like tidying up my table so I can start diamond painting again. It has been sitting on the table untouched for months. I want to get it done so I can give it to my friend. I have plenty of things to do, best to use my independence and get things done and feel good about it.

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Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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