Aug. 10, 2021

Energize to tired.

Another walk first thing this morning. Dog chose the slightly longer way home again today. It did us both good. It energized me for the day. I came home fed the dog and had a shower. I started some laundry before having breakfast and watching tv. I spent a couple of hours relaxing from the walk because I was sore. I used that time to do things on my iPad and had my daily cup of coffee.

While waiting for laundry I watched a movie. I watched a second while I folded laundry. It is now all put away and my table is cleaned off. These were things I wanted to do today and I am happy they are done. I do have towels and the like to fold but I will do those tomorrow because I am physically worn out from kneeling on the floor for two hours folding my closes. Yes, I am slow at folding laundry.

Now it is time for dinner. Today was productive and i feel good.

Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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