Aug. 24, 2021

Ticking my daily boxes and looking for inspiration.

Late dinner tonight because the family was painting again today. My bathroom ceiling got a second coat of paint and the walls one. They have also decided to expand the painting into the laundry room, which is now all shambles. I wish I could help, but the majority of the job requires standing in the middle of a room, and with my disability, it isn't something I can do.

I did help with dinner on Saturday. We had a beef roast with mashed potatoes and broccoli. I prepped the potatoes by peeling and cutting, and boiling them with the help of the stove. I also washed and cut the broccoli. It turned out awesome.

I have been staying up late- again. I haven't gotten back into my routine yet. It took almost a week for my sunburn to calm down. I was very uncomfortable, and touching my shoulders was like touching a hot pot. It has since passed, and it is healing with the use of lotion and time. With my family painting my bathroom now, I know that going for a walk and coming back all sweaty and having to go upstairs and across the house for a shower with clothes in hand would be a lot as I say this; however, my brain is switching gears on me, and I can hear my inner voice yelling EXCUSE at me. I should suck up the challenge and do it. The only one stopping me is me.

I am slowly ticking off my routine boxes on Habitica. Doing a journal entry here is one of them. The rest have fallen into place nicely, and it is just a matter of ticking them off and feeling good about it.

When I first started this entry, I didn't know what to write about because I didn't do anything of great note. However, it would appear that just by picking a few bits and pieces from my day, I was able to come out of this with more than I thought. I am okay with some of it not being about me. It is still part of my life and what is happening around me.

I do like this site because others share what is going on, which can be inspiring. I like to read a few public entries to get some ideas of what I could write about, although today's glance was not required. Inspiration came all on its own.

Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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Posted On Aug 27, 2021

I'm glad Habitica is helping you stay consistent with your goals! It's been a big help to me as well. It's sweet that you were able to help out your family at dinner, and I hope you went for that walk! :)

It's funny how just sitting down and letting the words flow can bring a fresh perspective to your day. I used to keep a diary when I was younger, and found there were so many details I would forget about my day that would come rushing back as soon as I started writing. Hoping that happens here, too.

Posted On Aug 28, 2021

@princessleopard unfortunately I did not. My mind is a jumble just like my living is getting back to normal now.

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