Aug. 30, 2021

Broke the chain

I have missed a couple of days' worth of entries. Truthfully, not a whole lot happened. I did get my new furniture on Saturday. The store called and said they didn't have the couch or chair in brown at the last minute, but they did in red. Red, as it turns out, is my favourite colour. The family seemed a little concerned that it would be a brighter red. It looked brighter in the store. However, seeing it in my living space, it looks burgundy and looks good with the rest of my furniture.

It has cup holders and USB ports on each arm, as well as LED cup rims. There is one USB port that has a jammed little cover. (The couch was the floor model, so it doesn't surprise me.) The arms each have storage spaces. It also has a centre console with two more cup holders and a hidden plug panel with plugs and two USB ports. Lastly, it reclines, and you can power adjust the headrest, and there is a headlight in the headrest in the middle above the centre console/ middle seat.

I would share pictures, but I need a proper iPhone USB cord to upload them to my laptop, and that cord stopped working a few weeks back. I only have my Ipad cord now. I am waiting to go out with a friend to get one and many other things.

As convenient as online shopping is, I actually like to go to stores/malls to buy things. It gives me a chance to be out of the house, and thanks to COVID, I have spent more than enough time at home.

Yesterday I spent the day on my recliner couch and watched disaster movies... They were:

  • half of Twister- I had seen it in full before
  • I watched it the day before Into the Storm but decided to watch it again just because.
  • Day After Tomorrow- I knew of it, but at the time, I had sworn off such movies because they scared me. After all, we never know what our planet might do to save itself.
  • The other side of the door. - not a disaster film, but it had an actress I like and met in person some years ago as the lead. (Sarah Wayne Callies)

Sarah Wayne Callies was also in In to the Storm as well.

Today I spent most of my day doing my usual. I have been helping a friend build a website for a business they want to start. I made some good progress today. Still have a ways to go yet. Learning as I go.

Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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