Nov. 1, 2021

How'd my Halloween Go? My Halloween Adventures and my future

Aye, guys! Happy Halloween! Or so it had passed already...

I'd like to type this journal publically as this day has given me some sort of euphoria and some disappointments at the same time. Although I would explain these, I also have some plans to make in the future too which I may speak about for reference to myself. Besides that, my day on Halloween started out as any normal day I had. I had to wake up early today in order to get prepared for work. Since it was Halloween, however, I got the chance to wear my Jiu-jitsu gi as my Halloween costume this year. As someone who had a hard time finding the perfect costume, I felt that my Jiu-jitsu Gi was all I needed to celebrate the holiday and so I wore it while driving to work (and it was really hot!)

At work, my friends were all surprised at the costume I was wearing for work and one of my coworkers was bummed out that he never wore the same costume as I had (he was also training in Jiu-jitsu). If I were, to be honest, I thought that my costume was just a generic costume people wear even when it's not Halloween but turns out people were surprised at me wearing it! In addition, there were other Jiu-jitsu guys that were shopping at the shopping center to see me in full gear and even asking me if I trained in Jiu-jitsu (in which for the past months I have been getting into it!). Overall, working at the retail shop in Jiu-jitsu attire was one of the greatest memories to have and I am honored to have worn my Gi to public places.

Although it was fun to work retail with my costume on, I still have to work on myself a bit more. I realized that during work, I get so hyped up whenever events like these happen and most of the time I go overboard. My managers had to keep warning me a lot about it! I'll try to change my behavior in the near future. At the same time, working retail for a dead-end job feels like a wall. Even though I had fun at work part-time, I still feel as if I have not achieved anything in life at all. It has probably been getting to me that the coworkers that I have built relationships with seemed more outclassed than I am (and their work experience and time being there is a plus). Even more so, I don't feel as if I'm necessarily part of the group and so I have been looking more towards finding jobs that will give me benefits and money instead of working a 9-5 dead-end part-time job. As of typing this, I have been applying to the big stores (Target, Walmart, Costco, etc.) to see what benefits they would give me.

This next part of my Halloween is where things went bad but better at the same time. After my endeavors working at a retail shop in a shopping mall, I went to my car to start preparing to go home until out of nowhere, I got myself locked out of my car. I did not understand why I locked the door while it was open and why I'd leave my keys in the car. This was a bad experience I had but I'll explain why it was better for me. As I got locked out, my mother suggested that I would call a locksmith nearby for assistance. All the locksmiths, however, charge so much money where I had to wait for an hour for my parents to help me out (as they got a spare key instead). Although I got locked out, I seemed happy to have had this experience. It just reminds me that things can go bad in life unexpectedly but if I were to be patient and take my time, it'll all work out. That train of thought even resonated more when I listened to Macklemore's new single "Next Year" which gave me some encouraging advice. From this experience, I felt that I have learned that things in life can go bad unexpectedly and we just have to face it and be patient.

Finally, I spent the rest of the holiday at my auntie's house giving out candy. I was grateful at the time for my aunt and uncle to have given me some great advice about adult life. As for my life, it's been a total wreck ever since 2020 and 2021 and more so even before that. I felt lost about what my endgame was or what sort of plans I have. I'm eternally grateful, however, to have had a few exchanges of words with my aunt and uncle about my situation. My uncle was encouraging me to basically try some trades work such as carpentry, plumbing, or either trades. He knows that I seem to have a knack for doing trades work if I were to put the time and effort into it. He also informed me of keeping track of my hours in the trade as it mattered for recognition of the work I do in the trade. My aunt also exchange some good advice as well by applying to these large companies that had benefits and pensions besides my old retail job. Because of this, I am more motivated tomorrow to seek out what my future will be!

Welp, that seems to be all I had to say. Hopefully everyone out there had a great Halloween and had learned something from reading this! I feel entertained to always write some journals like these!

Written by AsianNut

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