April 29, 2020

It is quite good afterall (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

So my previous entry was written in late afternoon. Now, i am writing this at night.

My previous story was kinda pessimistic, like how i woke up great and then all of a sudden, it's in the downlow.

And you know what? I've just remembered something.

Life is a rollercoaster, our emotions is a never-ending rollercoaster. Sometimes we're happy and good things happen to us. However, there were also sad times where bad things happen. Our outer circumstances, we can't control them and direct them how we want them to become. But what we can control is our perspective about things.

If i decided to stay sad, grumpy, and lazy, I won't be saying these tonight. Maybe i spent the whole day on my bed, maybe I've cried, maybe i over-ate. I would've missed a lot of good things that could happen.

But no, i decided to not bury myself in the dark, on my bed, and now i am glad my day was still kinda productive. I did my modified skincare routine, modified my workout, took a shower, and had time to bond with my family. And now i am glad and could totally get a good night sleep.(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

I remembered something someone told me before:


Written by noeeelle

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Posted On Apr 28, 2020

Oh man, I hate it when emotions go rollercoaster xD It confuses the hell out of me, but even more my boyfriend xD
I tend to sometimes wallow in my sadness, not because i want to selfdestroy myself, but because I need to? Like it sounds weird, but once i dedicate myself enough on the sad things, I start feeling better and thats when I get super charged again and ready to slap people in the face with my happyness xD It's like when I write down in a piece of paper why my day sucked, cause it helped me vent, and once I was done writing all the negative things I felt refreshed and could start doing other more interesting and fun things :)
So what I'm trying to say is take anytime you need, talk to whoever you need to talk with and then SLAP people in the face with your happyness :D !


Posted On Apr 29, 2020

You can only feel happy when you experience some sadness every now and then. You only know what happiness feels like, because you know what the opposite feels like. Imagine getting everything you wanted all the time and everything going your way all the time, eventually you'd get bored of it!

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