By xandraxian

A collection of critiques given to me in, for right now, Drawing II.


Feb. 24, 2021

Drawing II: 7th Day Class Objective: Multiple Subjects Critique: Being too uniform distracts in the way of not bringing in the viewer. Instead, find interesting areas and create emphasis. Leaving areas incomplete with other highly interesting bring the viewer closer by giving them something intrigui...

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Feb. 3, 2021

Drawing II: 4th Day Class Objective: Line Integrity Critique: My work is too illustrative. In other words, I am relying on line too much when I instead should focus on how the light reacts to the form and/or the dreaded line quality. Thankfully, my short timed gestures are interesting with the instr...

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Jan. 27, 2021

Drawing II: 3rd Day Critique: Integrity of line is the biggest offender--there is too much chaos in the strokes (too much back and forth), which can come off as distracting. In order to fix this, there needs to be thought before a line is put down. Also, confidence in the ability to make the line ...

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