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Aloha, My name is Asian Nut! I'm a senior student attending University to get myself a Bachelor's in Business Management and a Minor in Japanese! I've chosen to dedicate my time to writing journals about my days so far so that I may reflect back on them one day!

From what I assume from other people's perspectives of me, I seem to be the weird guy in the group. I'm extroverted at times, however, I consider myself to be more introverted than extroverted. I love to play a lot of video games when I was growing up! The first game that I played at around 7 years old was a video game called "Pokemon Pearl." Ever since I played that first video game, I was on the train to play other video games growing up. I consider myself to be a gamer for playing various types of video games!

Lately, I have not been liking what this Coronavirus situation is doing to me. I am starting to lose touch in some aspects of life (forming friendships/relationships, the inability to become a fully-fledged adult at 21 years old, and just becoming a well-rounded person). Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic happened, I have lost some aspects of life and I wished that I get those back. But even before the pandemic, I was not happy at where I am right now.

Now I struggle to find what is there in life for me. Where am I suppose to be? What is my purpose? Why do I always feel pressured to do stupid things? What is there that I do not have any knowledge of? How can I listen to the right people with the right advice? So many things I have struggled to find balance in life and it sucks that I'm still feeling this way.

That is why I am starting to write journal entries (not only because of the Habitica Challenge but to also reflect on what happened today for the future onward). Maybe there might be some saving grace in all of this. I hope my life is as happy as when I was a kid!

Nice to meet you,
Asian Nut

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