Feb. 29, 2020




So this is it, the last day of the month.

I didn't have to go to town today because my sister was there anyway and could get my books :)

Then I can finally start reading soon. So I took a shower, cleaned the bathroom and began with the English work.

I also watched a few videos about programming.

And there's a game in the playstore. It's about colonizing the world. I don't know if I like it, but it's just a simulation. I took Greece, of course. But I'll upgrade my army first (guess there are no friendly agreements) before I colonize the independent countries. I can't risk attacking one that belongs to a different country and then end up in a war with someone much stronger. If that can happen, I don't know.

Also a different game was released recently, but I still need to try it out, but the previous advertisment looked interesting.

Antio [Muffin emoji]

Written by Plesi`

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