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Face Your Inner Dragons

As you face your own life's challenges, we give you tools to help overcome them.

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- Logs

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Why Record Each Day?

Most people don't remember what they were doing a year ago

- AYearAgo.Today Helps You Record Every Day

- AYearAgo.Today Helps You Get Tasks Done

- So that after a year you'll remember what you did

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Art By frankie.drawsthings

AYearAgo.Today Online Daily Journal and Diary

What is AYearAgo.Today?

AYearAgo.Today is an online journaling community of people writing about their day to be able to remember it years from now. AYearAgo.Today allows users to any number of journal entries per day, and to record and track any information they want within it.

Basic Features:

  • Create any number of entries per day
  • Use Journal Entries to write about your day
  • Use the S.M.A.R.T. To Do list to organize your day
  • Use Logs to track and record your activities
  • Upload and share photos
  • Interact with an online self-improvement community
  • Download a backup of everything in your account
  • Gain experience and level up
  • Later, be able to look back upon all your past entries and activities
  • Share your activities with the world, if you want

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