July 22, 2022

hybrid life

Still enjoying hybrid life. Wednesday there was a minor transportation snafu. As I neared the platform at 7:30, I saw the train pulling out of the station. (That’s not supposed to happen. I take the 7:37.) Ten minutes later, I saw another train approaching the station. Ah, I thought, who knows what was up with that earlier train, but this is my train, only three minutes late. Then the train stopped approximately a block away from the station and literally sat there for half an hour. ???

So I was like 20 minutes late to work. It was fine though. There was no one else on the floor to witness my lateness except the security desk guy.

When I told my parents about the hybrid arrangement, they asked, “Does your boss come to the office?” I have no clue. She’s never been there on any of my office days. Maybe she comes on Jordan’s days, since Jordan handles the administrative stuff and the mail that would be more relevant to her interests.

Afternoons in the office used to be a quagmire of sleepiness. With this hybrid schedule, they’re mostly okay. I still get sleepy but it’s manageable now that I’m not dragging around a bunch of accumulated sleep debt. I also go out every afternoon for coffee. (The old custom was that I’d get afternoon coffee once a week. It’s still the custom, but now that I only go in once a week, it translates to every office day.)

Written by Achaius

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