May 20, 2020

Just another day (Habitica challenge)

This morning, I was up really early for once. It’s because I stayed up all night and never slept haha oops! I was just on my phone for several hours, but at around 9, I decided I should go and to something, which would also help me stay awake throughout the day. I worked out and took a shower, and went downstairs to get something to eat. After eating, I went back upstairs and went back onto my phone. I began to feel really tired so I told myself I would just take a short 30 min nap... I ended up sleeping for 5 hours. Yeah.

After that, I ended up not being productive until evening again, but at least I got some work done. I worked more on AP art, started to review Chinese lessons for the next class meeting, put away my laundry, and did some more daily sketches.

My AP English test is tomorrow. I’m pretty scared but also excited to get it done since it’s my last AP test for this year besides my AP portfolio. I’m afraid that I will get a passage that I’ll struggle to understand and therefore would be unable to write a good essay, especially in the 45 min time limit (excluding the 5 min submit time). The essay is going to be a rhetorical analysis, in which you write an essay analyzing the author’s rhetorical choices and how that impacted their purpose and whatnot. I’m not bad at writing the essay, but it all depends on the passage I’m given, and not everyone is getting the same on. And my teacher has high expectations for me, like she thinks I will do really good, and I’m afraid to let her down. I’ve written good essays for class, but that’s because either we had time to prep beforehand or I looked things up to help me or I would have a bit more time to do it those other times. It would really suck if I did poorly... that would be a huge blow to my ego and self esteem. I pray everything goes well tomorrow. At least college board has a new solution for those who couldn’t submit in time, so that’s one less worry.

I need to wake up early tomorrow for my test at 1 pm, so I need to sleep early. I would usually have my sister wake me up at 8 or 9 in the morning for the AP test, but since she started her internship, she has to wake up and leave early, so tomorrow she has to wake me up extra early at 6 am. I hope I can actually stay awake when she wakes me up, because chances are, I will be tired and end up going back to sleep.

I was planning on doing some preparation for the AP test tomorrow, but now it’s already too late for that, so I think I may just do it tomorrow morning. I will finishing writing this entry and go wash my face and go to bed.

Something that made me happy today: my favorite singer, Lorde, sent her fans an email today updating us on her life and such via her mail list!! It’s been over 3 years since she last released an album, and she has made the decision to get off of social media a couple of years ago. So, her fan base has been deprived of content from her or just any word from her for a long time. So to get this email from her was so nice for every fan :-) I respect how she takes her time to create music and just lives her life out of the spotlight. She cares so much about the quality of her work and her fans and I love her so much <3 ahhh I’m such a fangirl haha!

Written by ducknut

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Posted On May 21, 2020

Nice I haven't heard from Lorde in years!! Many musicians only produce 1 hit song, and they retire after because they have already made it.

Posted On May 22, 2020

@JustMegawatt Haha yeah! I didn’t become a big fan of hers until after her second album came out. Her first album definitely was more popular with a few of them becoming big hits, but I honestly prefer her second one even more. The production and growth from her was just amazing! Can’t wait for her third album, however it looks like it probably won’t be out until next year so I guess I’ll have to wait another year for new music DX

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