May 19, 2020

Walked one block today

7:00 AM (of Wednesday, May 20th 2020)

Today is Tuesday, May 19th 2020, and it was a very normal day today. I woke up, don't remember what I did in the morning, then I had work. Another very plain work day.

Oh no, it's starting to happen. That feeling I got from going out to work every day and experiencing monotony, is now happening while working from home too. It's so plain that I don't even remember what I did in the morning. I remember getting my weight, taking photos, etc, and it's all put into my logs. Other than that, the morning was just a blur.

The work day was also quite a blur. There's not much I remember of it other than there being a lot of work.

After work though I went out to drive the car a few miles again to get it warmed up and have all its parts moving properly. It's not great for a car to sit still for too long, so I make sure to drive it out at least once a week. I walked outside for the first time in over a week, and the previous week my experience walking outside wasn't as profound. I felt like walking was such a slow way to move, on a bike I would traverse an entire block in a few seconds, but walking, that takes me like a minute or longer.

Cars are kind of hard too, they're big and clunky and can't fit on the sidewalks or make sharp turns like on a bike. On a bike I can go on the sidewalks and make super hard very short and sharp turns. A car can turn, but not as sharply as on a bike. They can't do a U-Turn on the spot, they need some space to U-Turn roughly the width of 2 lanes of road, while pros on a bike can just do a U-Turn on the small width of a sidewalk. I can do a U-Turn on the width of the sidewalk if it's a left U-Turn, I can't do that on my right side yet, I don't really try or practice doing it ever though.

Anyway I drove around for a bit. On a stop light I encountered a yellow, I was about to follow right through it and it would probably have turned red if I did. I mean the roads were empty and there was probably low risk of accidentally running a red. Good thing I didn't though, because a cop pulled up right to my left. The car behind me was a cop the entire time and I didn't even know. It freaking scared me when that car just popped up and it was a cop car. I was seriously about to possibly run a red, so it was a good thing I braked.

Anyway it was a very boring day other than that.

Written by JustMegawatt

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