May 20, 2020




15:21: It seems next Friday we'll only go to school for the colloquium...

The VWL tasks of the book are strange. They don't get answered in the book in any way!!! That's so mean. I googled it but don't really find answers there. How will I know why this illegal work is so high in GERMANY. Because people who get help think they work "umsonst" maybe? Or why? I have no idea. Why is it so bad for the UN'? I don't know. Only for the FA because they get less taxes but still... Because those UN' have less costs and can set their prices lower maybe and other UN' lose UE because of that? Well, maybe, but how do they even know if it wouldn't have been like this anyway?

21:08: My sister brought home this biology code-sun. When I saw it for some reason I wanted to draw. So I started with a fox after I had copied hers with this light screen. It went different than in my imagination but I think it turned out good. Then i used the light screen again to vopy the outline and the eye and drew the fur all over again. Nothing against extra practice, right?

22:09: played with Lilly and Lea, will go to bed now i guess, maybe a puzzle or so...


Written by Plesi`

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