Aug. 3, 2022

artificial gratitude

decided to put some of my gratitude journal entries into Inferkit (an AI text generator) to see what I’ll be grateful for in the upcoming days. regular text is mine, bolded text is what the AI filled in

  • 82.  junkyard pizza!
  • 83.  grocery day, ft. limeade, the long-awaited Panera soup cups, and Neapolitan ice cream bars from Neapolitan cows
  • 84.  nice cool breezy evening walk
  • 85.  great Gloomhaven session! TRIPLE kill on flame demons. that’s the raw dps of the Quatryl Tinkerer hell yeah
  • 86.  yet another quality team day. prog on Akanthai: Act III and a solid Gloomhaven session (turns out HGR is not quite ready to retire LOL. Dante might end up retiring before him)
  • 87.  better-than-ever Radiance leveling up all the way to enlightenment, being all priest-y about it, and pushing myself through the last stretch in Act III
  • 88.  rocking out with blackguards
  • 89.  success at DA4 beta testing with my fellow employees
  • 90.  connecting with a former co-worker to get advice about OTR and guiding him on a few things to help him there
  • 91.  feeling incredibly sorry for


oh man I love rocking out with blackguards. also I’m going to level up all the way to enlightenment, good stuff

Written by Achaius

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