May 21, 2020

Is corona made by human ?

Hello everyone...

Today, off from work, I have plenty time to spend then.

Ah, because last night I sleep only for around 2 hours, I sleep again in morning and wake up at 9 am.

Take a bath and after that turn on laptop and watching youtube.

Yesterday I found an interesting youtube podcasting, that talking about corona.

The speaker is not a random people, He is one of intelligence analyst, and businessman also. And that's what make it interesting.

He talk about corona, and global political thing that happen nowadays.

He's say, corona is enrichment virus, and it's not happen naturally, but rather that made by human.

We are at war state, war that happen at superpower country that also drag a whole world.

There a lot of thing that I learn from that guy.

Btw, I happen buy cheap stylus pen. I want to drawing at my phone, I hope I can revive that old hobby of mine..

Oke the, see you tomorrow.

Written by kangfarih

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