May 21, 2020

Someone who is negative and I would like to spend less time with

The first person that comes to my mind right now would be ウサギさん. I will use the pronoun "It" and not he or she to obfuscate the identity of this person so that I will not embarrass this person should it come across this journal from the time of its online publishing. (さん denotes neither male nor female in Japanese.)

ウサギ is a person whom I will describe as being narcissistic and passive-aggressive. The combination of both personality traits in the same person is extremely toxic to have in any environment, be it work or personal.

I had the bad fortune to be partnered with it and no matter how it was trained, counselled and monitored, nothing helped in its deliverables that were way below work expectations. The work expectations weren't high. It was clearly communicated with ウサギ and no objection were raised on the initial part, and regular check-ins were done to make sure ウサギ understood what had to be achieved. Well, ウサギ did not do anything as was guided and instructed, was insubordinate and unreasonable to the point of mispresenting the company and its products.

I was so affected that I had to take 4 painkillers in a day and at night, I had to take a cocktail of 6 other supplements meant to alleviate my stress and anxiety and to promote sleep. When this was told to ウサギ, It thought it was very funny and laughed in my face.

I still need to take the sleep cocktail every night and when I see its messages to me, I feel nauseous to the point that I have to drink warm water to curb the puking and do an activity completely different than the one I was doing just to distract myself. This does not help my work productivity or my own well being at all.

Written by Seraphim

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