May 22, 2020

Day 26

I'm a self-centered jerk.

In fact, I thought myself a potential genius in music. I can pass many challenges by luck, not by skills, so I didn't push myself to be an endeavor person. I also want to be recognized, looked up by everyone, but deep down I knew a lot more people are better than me.

In truth, I'm no better than any other person. I still have way much, much more to learn. I must convince myself that I'm a shit.

But it's fine, even if I keep envying my friend whose better at composing. I will work better this time. I must, no, I want to be willing to learn. Whom people truly admire are those who can stand up again and again.

Written by MandySakura

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Posted On May 21, 2020

You are likely way better than the average person who doesn't practice music, but not as good as people who practice music many hours a day every day. You can get to their level too, it just takes time and practice. At a certain point luck plays a big role (like making a hit song or attaining popularity, a lot of luck is involved).

You can be recognized and looked up to by everyone, it will take a lot of hard work and luck to get there though. That is the reality. It cannot happen if you do not work for it.

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