Aug. 27, 2022

Went Hiking in Virginia

2:10 AM (of Sunday, August 28th 2022)

Today is Saturday, August 27th 2022. Well I lied about writing a journal daily again. I really need to get back into the flow though. From Monday to Friday this week, I got back into the working flow. Every morning I would walk up and down this one street with my dad, and it's like a 2 hour walk, or 1 hour and 40 minutes walk total from one spot to the other and back. At home I would probably eat breakfast, and then watch some anime, and then do some work every now and then, mostly on Vegpal, sometimes on Stealth Launch. Then I would probably take a nap or something during these times, since I'd be tired from the walking a little. And that was a quick summary of every day from Monday to Friday.

I think it was on Tuesday that Wahl replied back to me on Instagram. She hasn't replied back to my texting yet, I basically just told her on IG that I hope she was having a great time because she was at this vacation destination for a friend's wedding, and that of course I thought she was very beautiful. I've only said that a few times to her but of course I think it all the time whenever I talk to her. She replied back and thanked me, told me some quick updates, and that she would reply to my texts messages at some point. I'm keeping our conversations vague since I don't really enjoy writing about what we talk about, but I cherish and like her so much. It is all romantic and loving messages all the way every time from me.

And the rest of the week I've been doing that routine I just wrote about of walking for nearly two hours and then working a little. During the whole time feeling a lot of emotions for Wahl. Like that's been my whole life the past basically, in short summary. Obviously every day has its fluctuations and tasks, I have meetings with different people, I chat with different people, I probably go outside and do something, I watch different anime and videos, but yeah, it's been relatively mostly the same.

Today I went with my dad to go hiking. The original plan was to go to this place called Mary's Peak. It was the closest place in Virginia I could go hiking in, I think. Anyway we end up driving there in the morning, and then hiking. It was so easy. Compared to hiking in Puerto Rico, there was almost no risk of dying or death here. I write about how dangerous hiking in PR can be, like it's possible to slip and fall and hit your head on something and die, omg, but here it was like almost impossible maybe. Maybe if it rained really hard. But yeah I basically literally ran, sometimes sprinted, up and down this mountain. Oh yeah we couldn't find Mary's Peak, so we went to this other hike called Stony Man, one I've been to before 5 years ago.

I remembered Stony Man being somewhat of a difficult climb back in the day, but it was actually so easy. My dad and I went to Little Stony Man overlook first, and then did that 4 mile hike to get to the next place which was Stony Man itself. Oh yeah, at Little Stony Man, there was this woman and we took pictures of each other, and then I randomly got some photos with her. I mean we asked each other to take pictures of us posing at this overlook, but I asked if I could get into a picture with her, and my dad took them. It was so awkward. Or was it? I don't even know. But I'm not uploading these photos anywhere. I feel so embarrassed.

Yeah and then we went around, taking the super long way to the next spot which was Stony Man. We took some new pictures there, and that was that. Easy. We climb back down the mountain and I am whizzing by, running, and passing by everyone. There were some people wearing generic hiking gear like they look like they're visiting a safari, and they have a loaded backpack on, and they have these hiking sticks for balance. Like what? This was a super easy hike and I'm running up and down it. Anyway in comparison to PR, there's at least very little risk of injury here.

My dad said the hike was hard though, lol. No it wasn't. Anyway we drove back home, I ate, and watched some anime, I posted the pictures online, and then I did other activities, and went to sleep really early like at around 8 PM because I was so sleepy. I watched One Piece, episode 966 to like 968. No I am not at all keeping track of it nor do I car of it much, but these two or three episodes were about Gol D. Roger's quest to the last island, Laugh Tale and it was nice to learn about. It's interesting that he's this major mythical and legendary character in the show, he's "The King of the Pirates" but his journey was pretty underwhelming.

There's a lot of spoilers, but I will spoil some things. Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled about One Piece. I just wanted to learn more about Joy Boy. Apparently Luffy's fruit is secretly a paramecia type fruit and it turns him into a god called Nika that can then do anything imaginable. Literally the description when it was revealed is that the power was only limited by the user's imagination, so literally anything is possible. It's the strongest fruit power in existence. Luffy being able to turn into rubber and stuff is just the first few phases of the fruit, but it's ultimate form turns him into god Nika and Nika is this cartoonish figure that can do things without limit. Yeah and I am not making this up, this is pretty late into the series. I wonder how Joy Boy came to be though, like how did he turn into Joy Boy if Luffy had to go through so much adventures to be able to do it, how did Joy Boy do it first? I wonder how much experience the first Joy Boy went through to be able to transform to Nika.

Anyway I got really sleepy after that and went to sleep. That was my whole day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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