May 22, 2020




12:33: We went shopping. I cut my finger when taking a bag of chocolate bons. Outch. Now my pinkie hurts* and I can't type on my computer like before bc I use it for the upper case button and other keys. It's not that bad but a bit strange. Idk, I might play the Pokemon Game for typing again. But I need to wait until my finger's recovered. At first I thought it's somethink like raspberry jam (and of the dog that had eaten an entire jar of it and passed out, it looked as if he had been attacked). Of course that's silly. And mom insisted I should get new slippers. I searched every white scale-patterned pair until i found - it seems the only one left - of my size. Mom bought a t-shirt for herself. The word printed there was displayed in several languages. I just saw a mi and a pi and thought it was a Russian word but completed the word to blousa. Read it in Greek. Turns out - it was Greek and there was not even Russian at all!! How rare, usually that is there instead of GR. But doesn't blousa mean blouse? I think T-shirt meant poukamisa, similiar like the spanish camiseta (and there camisa for shirt). Anyways...

We still haven't received the German tasks... More free time, I guess?

Ouch my finger hurts now worse than I remember it being in years when I had cut it. With what did I - and how did I - do it??


No, I got it wrong. My Greek friend just wrote:

"Μπλούζα (blouza) is basically any kind of clothing that you wear on your chest 🤷🏻‍♀️

Like a blouse, a t-shirt, a top, whatever

Shirts are the exception, this is πουκάμισο"

19:25: My finger is much better now. We just had the worhip session crom the TRAX Livestream. For a second, I'm sure I really felt God's presence :)

22:52: I'm so sad right now!! It seems I managed somehow to delete IbisPaint and now all my artworks are gone!! I've put so much work into them and now they're just GONE! Except the ones I have from other devices, so it's still ok, but the latest ones were good :'( .


Nachtrag (31.05.2020):

I still can see where the scratch was. Even if it's "healed" I'd call it for a long time now.

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