Sept. 13, 2022

bring your adoring fans to tears

After all the discussion, we didn’t raid last weekend—on Saturday I was out due to the wedding, and on Sunday, Silver was sick. Instead we resumed this weekend with a split schedule. Saturday we’re continuing Hesperos with Kan instead of Silver; Sunday we’re moving on to Pandemonium 5 Savage with our usual group.

Kan’s a tank, which necessitated some role shuffling: KJH swapped to dps, and numbers swapped to healer. A decent chunk of our session was spent clarifying to Kan how our strats differ from standard party finder strats, and KJH learning new positions on every mechanic, and numbers learning how to heal the fight. (numbers is rock solid on mechanics because he’s on the cutting edge of figuring things out, so he has a comprehensive understanding of the fight. KJH is more like me—he just knows his own role. Akanthai Act II is complicated because he has to execute a swap on fire tether [he’s taking numbers’ spot, so he’s #1 swap priority] but not execute a swap on wind tether [you never break wind tether], and those got mixed up sometimes.) We didn’t make any new prog, but all things considered, our session was decent: we had a deep Curtain Call run, wiping at dps #4 (not me). HGR was relieved. He told Kan we were progging Curtain Call and would have felt bad if we didn’t make it there.

I love having Kan aboard. He’s so enthusiastic and intense about everything. He said he legit enjoyed the fight a lot—kind of a nostalgia bomb for him, and a break from progging P8S with his main static (of course he has a main static, of course they’re on P8S). Also he stepped naturally into the role of main tank, easy as breathing. You love to see it. There was no discussion, he just automatically did all the countdowns and, at times, issued calls for Luis (co-tank) to use his abilities. That’s our orange parsing boy.

On Sunday, Silver couldn’t make it—he’s still sick, oof—but GANON subbed for him. We did a bit of role shuffling here too: Dante/KJH are tanking, HGR/numbers are healing (until Silver gets back). newbie is debuting his monk. He’s melee. He has positionals now. He’s no longer in Narnia when the healers are trying to aoe heal, or so I hear. It feels weird not having a buddy to coordinate tactician/troubadour with, and technically being in charge of prepull peloton (does anyone really care on an arena this size?).

Anyway, Proto Carbuncle! Fun fight so far, although my 600 gear is not really cutting it (it’s me, the guy griefing the team by getting zero (0) tomestones. I should snag some crafted gear). I was the one who figured out the slime pool mechanic (there are four pools and eight team members, it’s simple arithmetic), so that was neat.

Written by Achaius

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