Feb. 29, 2020

Day 1 - It's Another 4 Years Until Next January 29th


It's been a while since I wrote my last entry. I think I've just been busy and pre-occupied with other things, but I'm starting off again, today is another Day 1 for me, starting over my journaling streak from scratch, and I think February 29th is a unique day to start it. There's a few good days in a year that I would say are "unique" in their own way, with February 29th being one of those days. It's the only day that occurs once every 4 years while all the other days of the year occur once per year. If I could choose my birthday, it would be February 29th, because then in 20 years I'd only have 5 birthdays while everyone else has had 20. Since I can't choose my birthday, the next best thing is to start off a journaling streak on this unique day.

And no, February 29th is not celebrated as far as I'm aware. I didn't see any posts signifying the uniqueness of today or anything like that. Yeah, maybe at this present time, February 29th is nothing special. Just another day in a year. Maybe people will start paying more attention to it once the specialness and uniqueness of February 29th enters mainstream consciousness, but for now it's just another day.

It was sort of a cold day, as winters should be, but still nowhere below freezing. Winters have gotten very warm lately, I only recall one snow day this entire winter so far, and then the snow melted the next day. School kids these days in my area don't grow up having snow days off, because there's not anymore snow days. It's just progressively going to get worse in the future as more people are born and we use up more resources. Unfortunate.

Since today was a Day 1 day for me, I wanted to reset some things. I shaved my beard two days ago and just kept the mustache. I think it's a unique look for me too. How many Asian people have a mustache? The idea was to just keep it, and it would become my signature look, I guess. Even though there are some other qualities about me that already make me unique, it's just another thing to add. This was one of my resets, along with resetting my journaling streak.

Another reset I did was I reset my computer operating system, deleting all the files, and cleaing everything up. I kept a backup of the important documents and whatever else I needed, but everything else was removed. I spent majority of the day setting up my new operating system and getting things settled and ready again. I messed up a few times actually and had to reinstall it a bunch as I figured more things out in the way I wanted to do things. The standard install came with a bunch of stuff I didn't need, and I learned to uninstall it all or not include it in the installation as I kept reinstalling it. Now I have a mostly barebones setup, and I am still setting it up.

I made sure to exercise a little today. I walked outside with my dad and we walked for around 40 minutes to a nearby park and then back. It wasn't that cold outside, but it was very windy and that made it chilly. Yeah, I didn't run. I will start running again, I have to. I think I'll start that on Monday, since I'm quite busy with some other things at the moment.

Around 6 PM I started to feel sleepy and I took a nap. I woke up around 8 PM and ate some dinner. I ate some beans and rice, with flax seed, and some snack bars. I didn't want to eat tonight, except I just felt so hungry. I watched some videos while eating, and that was basically a gateway to playing video games. I played a few hours of Saints Row 2, Holy Potatoes We're In Space, Warcraft III PTR (the last place to play TFT), and I guess that was it.

The day went by pretty fast. I did a mix of different things. I learned a bunch of stuff. I'm still working on a lot of things.

Written by JustMegawatt

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