May 22, 2020

white stone premium bundle, $3.99 USD

May 16

me, putting a pizza in the oven: *redistributes pepperoni evenly*

roommate, putting a pizza in the oven: DIBS ON THE SIDE WITH MORE PEPPERONI DIBS DIBS DIBS


May 17 – Might be quitting The Alchemist Code soon. It's double hard shard week AND there's vision quest pro and I can still barely be bothered to log in.

At this point it's more about maintaining/protecting my time investment than any actual enjoyment I'm getting from the game. Got all this without spending a cent: 5/5/4/5/5 Neun and 5/5/4/4/5 Sieba, both with mementos. 5/5/0 Levi, 2/5/2/2/5 Melodias, 2/5/0/0/0 King, 3/5/0/0/0 Merlinus, 5/0/0/0/0 D.Masa, and 193 otherworldly shards I haven't decided where to spend. 4/2/2/2/5 Orion (less than a week to his G1). MLB Emmel with 106 shards! Plus 31K gems and tons of elemental/rainbow shards and enlightened farmables and VCRs.


May 21 – Is everyone else just on their work email all the time?? I check my work email once or twice a day (and I resent the fact that it's creeping up my commonly used sites on my home screen). But whenever I email anyone else, they respond so quickly. Yesterday I emailed my boss at 7 pm and got a reply within the hour. yeesh the work day is over, people, shut your email

(if you're wondering "why were YOU sending an email at that hour" it's because I realized I forgot to check my email that day, and when I logged on, I found my boss had sent me a question about the Kinney project. oops)


May 22 – This pasta sauce is really upping the ante. Like, you can get parmesan & romano pasta sauce. You can also sometimes get four cheese pasta sauce. But now, check this out: SIX cheese pasta sauce.

Admittedly, you gotta expect diminishing returns at some point. Can I even distinguish that many flavors of cheese in a sauce? No. Absolutely not. (Now I'm imagining Gordon Ramsey's "taste it, now make it" challenge where everyone's frantically trying to decide what kind of cheese he put in the sauce, but joke's on them because he put in SIX cheeses.) But tonight's pasta was delicious, would get this sauce again.

Written by Achaius

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Posted On May 23, 2020

From my experience very few people are on their work emails after working hours. It could be that your boss logs into his work email at different hours for important business reasons (maybe he talks to people overseas who are in a different timezone, etc), and got pinged when you emailed him.

Posted On May 23, 2020

@JustMegawatt Hmm we don't really do any overseas business, but an auto ping setup makes sense, maybe a phone notification.

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