Sept. 19, 2022

to those who endured every tragic turn



(it’s like an early birthday present!)

We beat him on Saturday, fairly early into the lockout. The latest patch introduced the Echo, but we manually knocked it off for Hesperos 2 (I got to say “papa echo,” the classic Bahamut callout), and Kan put his 600 gear back on to stay within the tier limit. Even so, we never saw enrage, or even the final raidwides; we beat him during the second cycle of Curtain Call. Pretty gratifying that we won just one and a half sessions after Kan joined. “It’s because he actually uses mitigation,” HGR said.

On Sunday, we convened to continue Proto Carbuncle to find that Silver was “finishing up” normals. That took about an hour. (We did P8N as a group, because we figured it’d be faster than getting a pub party, and newbie and I both needed our weekly swords. On our first attempt, we wiped at like 18% due to a raidwide OOPS.) Carbuncle-wise, we didn’t make a huge amount of prog, but we’ve brought Silver up to speed and we’re gradually working on improving things during Carbuncle’s hunt phase.

Written by Achaius

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