May 23, 2020

AP Portfolio pieces complete! (Habitica challenge)

I stayed up all night calling two of my friends on discord as one of them streamed a short anime series. I don’t watch anime, but it was fun to watch with them, laugh and make commentary about the show. Around 9 am, I was feeling really tired, especially since I only got a few hours of sleep the day before, and I ended up falling asleep while on the call! It was a bit embarrassing, but my friends apparently didn’t even realize I fell asleep, they just noticed I wasn’t talking. I woke up at 2 pm to find myself to be the only one in the call (besides the Groovy music bot) and one of my other friends had joined while I was sleeping to play the 1 hour version of Club Penguin pizza parlor music XD (and then left once she had the music playing).

I honestly didn’t do much today and didn’t get a lot of the tasks done that I had initially planned to do. I think I ended up taking a nap sometime in the afternoon too. After drinking a fruit smoothie for dinner, I met up with the 2 friends (we live in the same neighborhood) mentioned earlier to pick up food they made. One made quesadillas and the other made cinnamon rolls (he made them several days ago and forgot to give them to us earlier). I didn’t have anything to give to them since we met up on short notice, so I didn’t have any food to make for them. It was also really hot outside! Can’t believe it’s almost summer, it’s already reaching 90°F. By the time it’s June and July, it’s going to be constantly 90-100°. I showered once I went home because I already smelled despite only being outside for a little bit. I didn’t workout today because I woke up with my back hurting (I suspect it was because I was laying on my stomach for most of the night while calling my friends). I plan to workout tomorrow though.

After showering, I joined the discord call again. Me and my friend group are always calling for hours every single day, it’s probably the most fun part of the day. The 2 friends from before are usually the only ones who stay up all night like me lol. We chatted and watched my friend stream other videos, shows, a movie, etc. We ended the call while I was in the middle of writing this entry actually.

While calling, I decided to get up and work on art at around 11 pm. I added a couple of final touches on the AP piece I had been working on, took a picture of it, cropped and edited it so it looked the way I wanted. I was thinking about adding thread to the drawing, but I’m not sure anymore. If I decide to add it, it won’t take too long, so that’s good. For now, I’ll call it done. I also added a background color to a previous oil painting sketch I did. Since it was just a quick sketch I did of myself, I wasn’t planning on including it in my portfolio, but after reflecting on the pieces I had done and the meaning behind my portfolio, I decided to include it. So, that means all the pieces for my concentration are done! Now all I need to do is upload to the college board submissions website, finish filling out the materials and processes section, and the written portion. I have a general idea of what to include in the written portion, which basically asks what’s the theme of your concentration and how your pieces represent your theme & demonstrates skill and experimentation etc. I have what want to include in my answer in a bullet list in my notes, but I will need to write it out and hope it fits in their character limit. I also still have to pick what pieces I want to include in the selected works portion and do that written portion. I’m not going to create any new art for that though, I’m just going to choose from what I’ve already done. But overall, it feels good to have the concentration pieces done finally :-)

Something that made me happy: definitely getting the AP pieces done! Was the only productive thing I did, hopefully I will be more productive tomorrow ^_^

Written by ducknut

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Posted On May 23, 2020

Good job getting your pieces done! Also think it's really sweet that your friends brought you food, it sounds like a good crew :) I wish my friends lived closer so I could do the same!

Posted On May 26, 2020

@Cayst Thanks!! I was also able to give them some bread I baked in return the next day lol ^_^

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