May 24, 2020

A few small things that make me happy

  1. Finally changed my mobile phone that is at least 3 years old to something more functional. I had not realised that I was operating at less than 50% efficiency when it came to phone-related tasks. Am still being wow-ed by the upgraded technology of the mobile phone. Quirks of an old person.
  2. I was persuaded to consider the use of something called a bluetooth wireless keyboard after a nifty demonstration by a particular young sales staff. It is said to be able to operate on my mobile phone and on my laptop if I wanted it to. I'm not sure if it can, but I hope they're not going to cheat an old lady of her money. I don't mind that money, it's the slight disappointment that I would feel if it didn't work. I would use this to type my journal entries and other written works. Being of the older generation, I much prefer the tactile keys and the notion of pressing keys instead of touch screens.
  3. A nice young lady made some dalgona coffee for me. I was slightly out of sorts one morning because my coffee order which I had always bought in bulk was abruptly stopped due to the pandemic. I really didn't like switching coffee brands. Ask any old person, switching to something entirely new is like convincing a lion not to eat meat. She really took the effort to make sure that the coffee was to the right thickness, consistency and sweetness level (it wasn't that hard on the sweetness level since I can't take much sugary things). Then she explained that she might not be coming by to the office that often because she was due for a major knee surgery. I was a little sad, but I'll see what I can do to help on my end.
  4. Another office colleague persuaded me to use the espresso machine that has been there since forever. Being the stubborn old mule that I am, I never tried it. It looked daunting to me with all the bottles and levers. Even the milk frother function couldn't persuade me. Well, dalgona coffee was finished in a jiffy. That led me no choice but to attempt the espresso machine. It was fun after awhile. Never knew coffee making could be that fuss free.
  5. Espresso machine coffee capsules. I heard the debate on these said capsules to be non environmentally friendly. But really, my mind was completely blown over on how the company packages so many flavours in a tiny capsule. The office stocks up a wide variety of coffee flavours but no one else drinks it. It's for the guests. So I was tasked to taste each coffee flavour and to give a review on it. I've never been more happy to be given such a task. ;)

Well that's about it for now. I'm still not done trying the flavours of the espresso machine yet. And the wireless keyboard is due to arrive only in a week's time. I'll update more then.

Written by Seraphim

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Posted On May 25, 2020

Smartphones are still new but we don't treat them that way since we use them every day now. I still remember growing up using no mobile phones and having to use a landline to call people. Those were the good days, you had to use dial-up to connect to the Internet. If I could go back in time there would be so many things I would do differently.

Posted On May 25, 2020

@JustMegawatt I loved the times of no mobile phones, but as many have pointed out to me, it's better to have someone to call immediately at hand if I ever did have an emergency (thank God, nothing serious so far). And yes the dial-ups for Internet was very loud and screechy. It amused me a fair bit, that one.

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