May 23, 2020




15:27: My finger seems to be great again. Then I can play the game.

We went shopping this morning and took the long road back (because of Pkmn GO).* Also, I bought a flower pot and seeds for cosmea :)

I'll try to grow them at home. I'll put one seed into the pumpkin pot so that that one is also used after I put the flower that's currently in there into a differnt pot. But I need to wait until we have fresh soil. And I found nice stamps of foxes on ETSY. But I won't order anything, I've spent too much recently...

22:53: I played the mentioend game and even won a fwe gold medals. that's why it got so late. Bu i can better write on my laptop. And I need to remove the symbols I wrote on the ekyboard they're only confusing. Before that I played pkmn sword and caught a few giga Evees.



(31.05.2020): There also was a stone-snake. It called people to paint a stone and put it there. It also said, maybe they could reach around the river?

We also put a stone there, but couldn't paint them, and the pen I always have with me doesn't work on those surfaces.

Written by Plesi`

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