May 23, 2020

First day of 3 day weekend, made a video, raced two cars on my bike

10:07 PM

Today is the first day of the three day weekend and I would rate today maybe a 4/10. I spent a lot of time on entertainment, just messing around, and it was not productive for the majority of it.

7:56 AM (of Sunday, May 24th 2020)

Anyway today (Saturday, May 23rd) I woke up at around 6 AM and I worked on updating the logs first thing. After that I had a lot of free time, I wasn't sure what to do. This idea of taxes went into my head though and I started thinking about things I may have missed, and bank interest rates came to mind. Did I forget to file a bank interest rate form? I checked my taxes again and found out I properly filed it. Whew. It was worrisome though because I thought I was going to have to pay another $25 to e-file my tax corrections back.

The rest of the morning, since there was so much free time, I spent it pretty much on entertainment alone. I even signed up for an entertainment site. What a huge waste of time.

In the afternoon I wanted to go out and bicycle, but the weather was so sunny, and it was so warm outside, I didn't want to sweat a lot and get sunburned, so I waited. To pass the time, guess what I did? Entertainment. Just lots of entertainment stuff. I don't even remember what. It was a huge waste of time.

Around 5 PM maybe, I worked on a new video. I pretty much just recorded a random video from the spur of the moment and that was that. There was no plot, no point, no nothing to this video (which I guess you can say describes 90% of all videos out there). So yeah it was a dumb 19 minute or so video, of me talking about something stupid and pointless. I don't even like the video at all, but I don't care either way, it's online now and whoever wants to waste their time watching it can go ahead and do that.

After that I did some more entertainment, and then before I knew it, it was already 7 pm. It was still so sunny outside though that it felt like I recorded that video at 3 PM and that this current time was 5 PM. It turns out I recorded that video at around 5 PM (I think) and for sure I didn't go out until 7:30 PM (since I started my fitness tracker).

Since I wrote about the two hills I can see from my window yesterday, and I wrote about how pretty much everyone has a hard time on these hills, I decided to test it again. Was I as good as I thought I was? From my memory I just felt like these hills were so unbelievably easy, almost like a flat road, but everyone struggled on them. I went through both hills again, and yes, they were as easy as I remembered. To give me a handicap, I raised the gearing of my bike so that I would have to put in more force to go up, to mimic those that didn't have a road bike or had a heavier bike. Anyway I still conquered both hills so easily with almost zero effort.

There was a point yesterday in which my friend told me, "there's a long hill up ahead" and literally as we were going over the hill, I asked him, "where's the hill?" and he was like "we're going over it right now, can't you feel it?" LOLOLO?? No I couldn't feel it. Not even bragging, I legitimately thought it was a flat road we were going over, it looked flat, it felt flat, imo it was a flat road, but to him it was uphill. I told him I didn't even feel any different. It wasn't a very steep hill, but I guess there was some uphill element to it, but it really did not feel any different than a regular flat.

So after doing the two hills I can see from my window, I wanted to have an easy ride today, and just listen to some audio on my phone in peace. I went to the local park and it was open now. Cars were going through which sucked for me because now there was not going to be peace and quiet since it was not possible to bicycle through with earphones anymore. Previously the road was closed, so there were people in there literally lying on the road itself and taking pictures of lying down on the road, and I was there just having a good time going on both lanes of the road since there were no cars allowed in.

Now that the roads were open to cars, it was not possible to bicycle in peace. I went to the local other park then, and there's this roundabout that's a bit longer than a regular track, maybe 4/10th of a mile for one loop around. I really just wanted to bicycle in peace, wearing earphones, just going round and round in a circle for as long as I can. That's all I wanted. However, during two instances some cars raced me.

No I wasn't looking for a challenge, but there was this one guy in an SUV who was just parked there idling for a long time. I circled around him several times since I was just going around the roundabout and passing him over and over, and then at one point as I approached he started moving. I mean if he slowed down or let me pass or if his engines didn't rev so hard then I knew he wasn't racing, but this guy's engine revved hard and he was going quite fast and I know he saw me, so I started sprinting, no way was I going to let him beat me. He was winning for the majority of our race, until he hit a speed bump, then I just went right by him leaving him in the dust.

Up ahead was another guy just finishing his speed bump. I think this is the most power I have ever put out on a bike, if I had a power meter I would have loved to see my data. I went on an all out sprint against the car that just finished their speed bump, it was slightly uphill too, and I reached speeds of ~24 mph with my heart beats per minute reaching 189. We were both gunning for it, because this was a peaceful road with speedbumps, you never hear people's engines revving hard ever. This guy's engines revved so hard like he pressed down all the way on his pedals and he was going quiet fast too. I beat him though. I went all out on this sprint, so much so that I was exhausted a few seconds later. But I won. I beat this car in a short race.

We were both neck and neck at the very start, and as he finished the speed bump, I also finished it, and from there we gunned it. It was about 1/4th the distance of the entire roundabout, and he was exiting, since you come in one way and then exit as you keep going around, so we only raced up to the exit point. But during that short distance, I won. I beat two cars who were trying, in a race.

There were also some cyclists I passed here and there, but they were casual riders. I'm arguably also a casual rider, since I was just wearing a shirt with shorts, but I just don't see many people being able to keep up with me. Anyway when I got home, I checked out bicycle sprinting records and there were people doing 70+ mph. My fastest today was ~24mph, and I just felt like a snail. However, these guys were going downhill, I was going slightly uphill. Still, even downhill I've not been able to achieve anything faster than 28 mph, it just feels so dangerous and risky at higher speeds.

At 28 mph, the background around you just feels like a blur. Then there's lots of wind noises and howling, and then there's the rumbling of the bicycle. It just feels unbelievable. It is very hard to stop at those speeds, though I could probably do 40+ mph if I really tried. I'm certain I've done 40+ mph before when I wasn't wearing a fitness tracker. I only started wearing that fitness tracker when I started the weight loss journey, but I went out cycling a bunch of times before then, and there was a hill I did twice without the fitness tracker that I have not done ever again because of how dangerous it was, and I'm pretty sure I went 40+ mph during both those times. The reason I haven't done those hills twice is because they were on the road with cars and my bike felt so shaky and unstable each time. That is so dangerous, but I sprinted down the hill both times at the highest gear I had, sprinting, going as fast as I could. I was equalling or even passing some cars (and some cars were going even faster than me too).

Anyway I went back home, did some more entertainment. I had fun.

Written by JustMegawatt

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