Oct. 7, 2022

entity authorization & multiworld co-op

Been procrastinating on my current project. It’s an interesting project, but man, I have no energy lately. The clock is ticking.

Nothing much else going on. I did two loads of laundry in the morning (it would’ve been one load, but some of my pants came out heavily streaked with soap, necessitating a second wash), and brought in a shipment of groceries (not a full load, but a mid-load with stuff like olive oil, fancy ramen for me, cheap ramen for roommate [he prefers the cheap stuff], and bottled drinks).

Dante, numbers, and HGR are playing a multiworld co-op randomizer. Dante’s playing Ocarina of Time, numbers is playing FF1, and HGR is playing LttP. The way it works is that chest contents are randomized across all three games, so when you open a chest you might get an item for one of the other players, which is automatically sent to them. There’s also a mechanic by which you can purchase hints as to the location of key items. Right now, the world rests on Dante’s shoulders, because he needs to get Din’s Fire (in his game) to access a dungeon that will get him the Titan’s Mitts for HGR, which will enable HGR to get the Oxyale for numbers, which is gating other items that will bust the collective playthrough wide open.

In any case, writing this was a good thing; it helped me realize how much my current project is in my wheelhouse and get my head in the game.

edit (10/7): “is there anything in this game that feels better than flipping over eight turtles at once?”

also: “time to start a second randomizer while waiting for Dante”

Written by Achaius

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