Oct. 9, 2022

Flew back to PR from MA, chilled at home

10:14 PM (of Monday, October 10th 2022)

Today is Sunday, October 9th 2022 and I flew back to PR today. I woke up at around 2:30 AM and used the bathroom and got some water. Then I went back to sleep. I cried a little before going to sleep. At around 5:50 AM, I woke up, and uploaded the photos from last night to the Vegpal chat group. I then went and used the bathroom, and Lia asked if I was awake and ready.

I eat some food out of her fridge first. It's food I brought from the party last night. Lia and I chat for a bit in the morning. Then she drove me off to the airport. We had some platonic intimate talks. At the end when she dropped me off, she took off her seatbelt and we both hugged for a while. I held her hand and then gave her another hug. I don't remember what words we exchanged, but she was very emotional then. She's always extremely expressive with her facial expressions. I think she cried afterwards, I sure did sort of, while standing in line to fly out.

It was so boring flying back to PR. I literally just sat around on a plane for like 4 hours doing nothing. And then we finally arrived in PR. I get on an Uber to go back home. And yeah I got dropped off at home.

I just lazed around and did whatever the rest of the time at home. Basically nothing.

Written by JustMegawatt

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