Oct. 10, 2022

Worked, Ate at Fela's Vegetarian Restaurant, Wrote Song Lyrics

11:19 PM

What a day. I woke up at around 4 AM and then lazed around or something. At 5:30 AM I drove to the park to walk around, but I wasn't in the mood. I just went back home to the grocery store and bought a bunch of bananas.

I worked and did whatever in the morning. I have no idea how so much time went by when I feel like I barely did anything today.

I messaged Wahl again this morning and told her I worked on a new love song for us. I received the backing track a few days ago, so this morning I worked on the lyrics for it. I basically scrapped all of Sarah's lyrics because I didn't like them that much. I wanted the song to be more romantic and loving so that's what I did.

I contacted Lexi though who sang all my other songs, and is good with music. I asked her for help with the song and gave out as much detail as I could. I also found my vocal range today because she asked for it.

Then I worked and did stuff for Vegpal for a while. Then I went out to Fela's Vegetarian restaurant because Mama Pacha's was closed for today, and I didn't want to drive too far. Well Fela's is really really close to me, like 8 minutes away. I think I might just go there instead of Mama Pacha's from now on, because they are so much closer. I can't believe they have their own parking lot for their restaurant. It's really rare to find any parking lots here, seriously, but Fela's has this huge parking lot solely for their restaurant. That's insane. That parking lot property alone must be worth so much, because it's so huge. It's like bigger than the parking lot for Marshall's I think, or close to that big. It's freaking huge and it's literally just for this one restaurant.

I brought it home with me and ate at home. Great food. There was a young attractive woman there and I could have probably gotten her contact details. We did talk for a bit, she talked to me in English and so I talked to her in English, but then she didn't understand what I said, so that was awkward.

Anyway I went home after that and ate at home.

Then I continued working the rest of the day. I ate that and bananas the whole day only.

At night I continued working on the song and I got the lyrics finalized. I sang them and sent them to Lexi. Now it's her turn to help me finish it up.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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