May 24, 2020

newbie, don't download THAT much RAM

Looks like numbers is okay (for now)—his test from last Sunday came back negative. Best of luck dude.

I was hoping Memorial Day weekend would mean MORE RAID, due to quarantine and all, but apparently it means NO RAID. Here's how it went: Early Friday morning, numbers put out the roll call. Pretty soon we had seven blue checks for Saturday, seven green checks for Sunday, and no response from Silver. Business as usual.

Saturday afternoon, newbie decided to update his computer. He announced in chat: "Okay, well, gonna install RAM and hard drive. Hopefully my computer will be working by tomorrow." Then his pipe broke and he was not seen for many hours. RIP.

By Saturday night, newbie had fixed his computer, but then Silver checked in at 10:30 pm with bad news: "Not gonna be able to do anything this weekend," he said. "Sorry, it's a bad weekend for me."

"Thanks for replying," said newbie. "Do we mind if Frey hangs out?"

"Fine by me," said Silver.

newbie's question was apparently just academic, because (as far as I know) neither newbie nor anyone else tried contacting Frey. Maybe it's just as well, since newbie's computer issues persisted through Sunday afternoon:

  • [12:21 PM] meisnewbie: Welp
  • [12:22 PM] meisnewbie: Computer dead
  • [12:25 PM] Dante: rip
  • [12:33 PM] meisnewbie: Huh
  • [12:55 PM] meisnewbie: well
  • [12:55 PM] meisnewbie: looks like I've gotten good at fixing it
  • [12:58 PM] Achaius: good job newbie
  • [2:09 PM] meisnewbie: And
  • [2:09 PM] meisnewbie: Dead again
  • [2:19 PM] LuisSera: newbie, when I said you'd been replaced with Dante for Apex I was only kidding


Anyway, it was a very chill Sunday, and also Seedot Community Day. (Pretty annoyed at how Niantic is deliberately picking terrible Community Day pokemon. Seedot is so common that it was a Ditto disguise choice before today's event. Next month's Community Day is likely Weedle, the literal most common pokemon in existence. zzzz)

I decided to make the most of things by evolving a Seedot for my little league team: Baelsar's Wall the Bastiodon + my new Bullet Seed Shiftry + my 100% Skarmory. HGR scoffed at my "using the event blob," but I got a win streak of seven before losing on the eighth match. (At Rank 1. But still.) Also, Bael soloed an entire enemy team of Moltres/Latias/Raikou, which was pretty sweet.

Written by Achaius

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