Oct. 27, 2022

No Electricity Again, Went to Starbucks to Work

8:19 AM (of Friday, October 28th 2022)

The electricity in my neighborhood / area has been going out every day since my last entry. Today I basically had no electricity for the entire day, although it did come back at night. There was water for most of the day at least, until the evening, then there was no water. At that point I had no water, no electricity, and no Internet.

In the morning I messaged Wahl again. Basically more love messages and stuff. She messaged me yesterday (Wednesday) at night time, and sent a couple of text messages, and then stopped in the middle for some reason. Maybe something got her attention? I don't know. Anyway I replied to those messages today, basically urging her for us to meet up and go out already.

In the morning I did a little bit of work before the electricity went out at around 11:30 AM. At that point I just gave up and browsed the Internet on my phone, I think I took a nap. When I woke up, I went over to Starbucks to continue working. It's honestly not bad there. I texted Lia a bit and we had some conversations.

Because Wahl takes such a long time to reply, I started talking to some other woman recently. We can call her Jax. She's cool and is very responsive to my messages. I think I messaged her on Tuesday or Monday or something, and we've been talking a little bit daily since, just exchanging Facebook messages with each other. She's also attractive. Not as attractive as Wahl, Wahl is seriously the top 1 person in the world that I find attractive. Like, there's definitely people in I've met in real life and people in my friend's list that I find more attractive than any celebrity and any model, and even against all the models and etc, I find Wahl to be more attractive than them all.

Anyway, Jax is really open and honest to things, exactly like Wahl, but unlike Wahl she responds a lot faster. I mean she doesn't respond right away, maybe 8-12 hours between my messages and hers, but she responds twice a day usually. If I message her at night, she'll message me in the morning, and then I message her in the evening, and then she messages me at night. So she can respond to me twice in a day. Wahl only responds once. I know Wahl reads all my text messages pretty much as soon as she gets them though. I think they are honestly just quite overwhelming in terms of romance and love and so on, that Wahl' can't handle it and doesn't know how to reply properly. That's how I'm taking it anyway. Or she just doesn't care. But she says she cares and when she does respond it's a long response, she just takes forever.

Geez I start writing about Jax and then I switch entirely to writing about Wahl. Anyway at this rate Jax and I will meet up first before Wahl and I meet up. It is what it is.

What else? I played some more beat saber today. I got some new high scores and recorded myself getting them. I need to upload them to YouTube.

And yeah, I guess that was my day today. I need to start writing daily entries in my journal again for real. I don't even remember this whole week to be honest. It went by so fast.

Written by JustMegawatt

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