May 25, 2020


2020/05/25 🍋


Today was a nice day. School was okay, didn't do as much as we wanted to. But I got a headache and unwell feeling in my stomach. I took the orange medicine that was said to be good. Don't know if it helped, maybe a bit. Then Stefan picked me up at 16:45. Really on 16:45. I thought, then I'll go down at 15;44, he was parking when I came down. When he had written I could "help him eat pizza" I thought he was eating before he came. Instead he drove to a pizzeria and bought two! He's generous... Not only, he gave me 15€ for google to buy the ad-removal thing for IbisPaint o.o . That wasn't necessary, he's like... so generous.

Then we went to Wilhelmstal and to the spot they wanted to take pictures from. But then they decided to go to the other side because this one wasn't that idea. So we walked a little bit through the forest with the river on the right side, very beautiful. Turns out the bridge was also shut down. So we walked a little down the railway (that's not been used for years) and took pictures there. I'm not very fotogen, but it was nice. I'm thrilled to see the results. But it wasn't easy to hold the distance.

I was home around half past eight. So I wanted to join the KG, turns out they were on WhatsApp and had already started earlier. But I could still play a bit of On my phone this time, and yeah, I totally prefer my ChromeBook for it.

Then I went to bed.


Written by Plesi`

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