May 26, 2020




11:04: We've got a flute lesson today evening and I need to get some school stuff done. Christoph has asked me if I wanted to record something. Uh... yeah I've written it into the wrong entry. Yes, he asked that yesterday but I read it today. So here what I wrote this morning "Christoph asked me if I wanted to record some flute in the church building. As I know we'll be not many there and all I guess it's sort of safe to go. I hope, at least. Well, I'll have Desinfektionsmittel with me.". *

I already finished German, only need to send it to him. Then I'll do spanish now. Also, I finally wrote down "my story" and got emotional. But hey, I really don't know where I'd be without God and the church. I wouldn't have motivation to practice flute. I wouldn't have social contact except at school. I'd watch (consume) stuff that isn't good for me. I'd do a job that's nice but really tiring and with no help. I wouldn't have something to invest my time into. This is the place I call home!!.

13:32: okay, spanish and bwr correction done! (Except the spanish group work, I need to talk to my group). Which means: Now I had to do VWL....

Ντίνα finally got the present :) aand she says she loves it! I'm happy she does :) (I had found wooden cooking spoons with the ends like drums and one has a cut out quarter note. She's not a drummer, but she likes music and cooking).

19:25: Okay, I worked some time on the WIF Doku and it's fully updated now. Now I need to wait for the next lessons. The recording will be on Thursday.



(31.05.2020): No, I forgot that

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