May 26, 2020

What is sleep at this point (Habitica challenge)

My sleep schedule is so messed up now, it’s crazy. I think I’ve stayed up all night for the last 4 days now and slept for a few hours in the afternoon, and it’s looking like I’m about to stay up all night today too. Yesterday night, I was calling my friend on discord while he streamed RuPaul’s drag race for the entire night. We caught up on this season, and it was pretty fun to watch. I’ve only seen ever seen one or two episodes outside of this season, but it’s a great show! When I went downstairs to eat lunch was when I realized how disoriented I was from being sleep deprived and staring at a phone screen the entire day. No way any of this is good for my eyes. I ended up falling asleep after eating and woke up to eat dinner. I know I should stop sleeping so late/pulling all-nighters, but it’s fun to call with my friends all night. It’s affecting my productivity a lot though. I plan to stop or at least do it less starting tomorrow.

Some is my friends and I had some deep/serious conversations while calling earlier tonight and the other day in our group chat. It was refreshing to talk about our thoughts and how we feel and open up to each other. I learned a lot about my friends, and I came close to tears several times. I knew we all struggled, but I never knew how much some of my friends struggle and have a bad home life, and I think sharing our troubles with each other have really brought ourselves closer. I feel so bad for them, and I’m really bad at comforting people and don’t express my feelings that much to people, but I hope they know I love and care for them a lot.

I accidentally forgot to save again and lost about 2 paragraphs I just wrote, but I feel too lazy to retype everything. In summary, I wrote about almost being done with AP portfolio, just have one more piece to choose to submit for selected works. Don’t know what piece to choose yet, so I’ll just do it tomorrow. I also talked about my goals for this summer which include art, computer science, reading, exercising, driving, etc.

Something that made me happy today: calling my friends as mentioned before :-)

Written by ducknut

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Posted On May 26, 2020

You really have to get your sleep schedule back. I think it's unhealthy to have a sleep schedule where you don't get enough sleep.

Posted On May 26, 2020

I remember those moments when you really start to see your friends feelings and it all comes together. I'm glad you have people you can talk to! And even if you feel like you're bad at comforting people (trust me, I get that), it's always good to listen and I'm sure they know you care!

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