March 1, 2020

2 fast 2 furious

The saga of Luis' dinner was the most exciting thing about today's raiding session. Two hours before raid, Luis ordered delivery. (Goofus: Waits until the appointed raid time, then tells everyone, "Hang on, I need to get food." Gallant: Orders food and eats in advance so he's ready to start on time.) But Luis' food didn't come. He called the restaurant, and they apologized, and he called, and they apologized, and his food still didn't come.

He was still waiting when raid time came. It's okay: he wasn't the only limiting factor. newbie was like "Hang on, I need to get food." Silver was MIA.

In the end, Silver took like an hour to show up. When we started the raid, Luis' food finally came, so we paused the first lockout while he ate. HGR was fuming. Then Silver had to leave after a couple of lockouts, so it was a short raiding session. Our progress was...not great.

[6:32 PM] HGR: frey our tsunami 2 prog party got to closer to the end of tsunami 2

[6:32 PM] HGR: i know you're proud

(Tsunami 2 is the complex debuff mechanic we were stuck on earlier, and are stuck on still. More on that later.)

Even though we didn't make much progress on paper, I'm feeling much more confident about my own role in the fight, and I'm enjoying it a lot more. I've gotten used to the tempo of the fight, and the mechanics just feel good to execute. Double Temporary Current! Stormy Horizon! Okay, we still screw that one up frequently, but it's so satisfying when done right. My uptime is assuredly in the gutter, but hopefully I can fix that later?

Anyway, Tsunami 2. The specifics are fairly lengthy (see Appendix A), but here's the gist: We're all on a small rectangular platform suspended over the abyss. Various party members get debuffs that cause them to inflict knockback on the rest of the party, so we have to position ourselves precisely to avoid being knocked off the edge (which is insta-death). Also, one tank gets SCOURING TSUNAMI, which pops at the very end of the Tsunami 2 phase, creating a massive aoe that is also insta-death. That tank was invariably out of position, which is why we're still a Tsunami 2 prog party.

My favorite Tsunami 2 moment was when newbie had the line debuff. He went to the correct position, but instead of facing the party, he was apparently facing sideways. His orientation determines the direction of the knockback, so we all went sailing off the side.

"Where is spellcard practice??" newbie cried.

Truly, Touhou was ahead of its time.


Appendix A: For reference, here's HGR's description of the Tsunami 2 phase.

[6:37 AM] HGR: just recapping the tsunami B plan in here real quick...

[6:39 AM] HGR: tanks: you'll have either the line debuff (push in direction faced) or the big circle (giant aoe). dps: one will have a line, one will have a cone, one will have a diamond (generic knockback). healers: one will have a cone.

[6:39 AM] HGR: 1. we're stacked at the front and center as tsunami hits, with a little space ahead of us so someone can go in front

[6:40 AM] HGR: 2. dps with the diamond debuff moves in front of the party. they can still be facing leviathan. everyone else gets knocked south.

[6:41 AM] HGR: 3. kan goes front and center to take cones. me, silver, dante stack on 1. dps stack on 2. stack damage goes off.

[6:42 AM] HGR: 4. two cones aim from the healer and dps with cone debuffs to kan. i'm assuming these can also hit other people in the aoe, so if you have the cone debuff move horizontally inward a bit to avoid hitting your stack buddies i guess

[6:43 AM] HGR: 5. everyone goes front and center again and the dps with the line debuff moves in front of the party. they MUST be facing south, toward the party. everyone else gets knocked south.

[6:46 AM] HGR: 6. the dps whose line debuff just went off needs to quickly move back to where the party went because everyone needs to get hit by at least one line to get cleansed. the tank with the line debuff moves south of the party, FACING LEVIATHAN. the other tank hauls it to the south edge of the arena (maybe even south corner?). everyone else gets knocked north.

[6:47 AM] HGR: 7. the tank whose line debuff just went off quickly moves back north, the big aoe goes off, we hopefully don't get hit

(Editor's note: There's also a double temp current right afterwards. Think fast)

Written by Achaius

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Posted On Mar 03, 2020

What game is it? It doesn't sound like anything I've heard of

Posted On Mar 04, 2020

It's Final Fantasy XIV. It's a lot of fun with friends, though I'm a pretty casual player.

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