May 25, 2020

Last day of three day weekend, didn't do much today either

7:27 AM (of Monday, May 26th 2020)


Today is Sunday, May 25th and I didn't do much today either. I woke up at around 5 AM today, spent most of my morning on the possible good thing I mentioned yesterday. I guess that morning was spent productively, I can't really say it wasn't. At noon I wanted to go out driving but I held off. I ate lunch at around 1 PM and then browsed the Internet for a few hours.

Cleaning Car

I ended up taking a nap and waking up at around 5 PM. Geez the day felt like it was moving slowly, I thought it should've been 7 PM by now. Anyway I went out for a car drive at that point, but ended up cleaning my car first. I didn't use any soap or anything, just water, since the soap and chemicals drain to the nearby river in the area. I've seen one person using soap and other chemicals on their car a few years ago and haven't seen him doing it since, I hope he learned that you can't do that here since the drain goes straight to the river.

Driving Around

It was around 6 PM that I finally started to drive, I didn't go anywhere in particular, I just wanted to explore. I found some cool places to bicycle, but I don't know if I would ever bicycle through these places. I got lost and drove by some very expensive neighborhoods where the houses looked like they were million dollar homes. There were a lot of McMansion looking homes, but there were also legit mansions that had a very long driveway to get in. These homes were so enormous. I've slept at a mansion home before and remembered the long driveway and the fountain in front of the house, it was a cool experience. Again I wish I could travel back in time to relive those moments and make different decisions.

I saw some people walking outside these massive homes and they looked like regular average people you'd find even at Wal-Mart, but were very wealthy.

Walking Around

When I got back home I parked and went back home for a few minutes, then I got bored and decided to walk outside for a bit. I walked outside for about an hour and ended up taking around 6000 steps. It was not bad, but honestly it felt like I had taken a lot more than just barely 6000 steps.

Worked on Stuff

When I got back home I worked on some things until midnight which I guess was quite nice. It doesn't feel like I accomplished much though, but I didn't waste my time like always. I can't really say there's any evidence of any progress, even from the walking I did or the work I did at night, but it obviously wasn't regress.

But who knows, man? I don't know. I can't tell the future, I don't know if the choices I made tonight / today / any day were any good or bad. I think they were good, but I won't know until much later.

Written by JustMegawatt

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