May 26, 2020

Feel Motivated

Today is my fourth day of writing a journal, and I feel motivated to do better than yesterday. I managed to walk 5.000 steps, do 7 minutes plank workout, 30 minutes of dance workout based on YouTube videos, and drink more water. Hopefully these good habits can be done consistently. I need the confidence to organize my heart and be productive again, rise from deep sorrow. Fighting!

Written by purpeisme

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Posted On May 26, 2020

Oh my gosh, way to go on doing a 7 minute plank! The longest I've ever done is 2 minutes, and recently I've been slacking and doing 30 seconds and trying to deepen a push up at the end (my push ups are abyssmal). I do 30 minutes of dancing every day too, but I play Just Dance rather than watching YouTube videos. I hope you can keep it up! Way to go!

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