May 26, 2020

Got less than 4 hours of sleep and felt very tired

10:55 PM


Today has been one of my worst days this year. I had less than 4 hours of sleep last night, so barely anything, and due to that I was sleepy throughout the day. I ended up taking a nap at around 6 PM and woke up at 9 PM. I don't want my sleep schedule messed up.

7:31 AM (of Wednesday, May 27th 2020)

So today is Tuesday, May 26th 2020, and like I wrote before, it's been one of my worst days so far this year. Pretty dramatic statement, it's not that anything bad happened, quite the opposite, nothing good or bad happened. It was a very empty day.


The day was mostly lived with me feeling tired and lethargic throughout. I had work so I couldn't take any naps, I didn't take any naps until after work was done at around 6 PM. I didn't want to nap either, I wanted to go out and bicycle or walk, but I was just too tired to do those things. Thankfully I'm writing this entry the next day and I got around 7 hours of sleep so I'm feeling very refreshed and good as I write this.


At work today though, there wasn't much communication, I only got one email throughout the day. Maybe it was due to it being a holiday yesterday and everyone being chill today, but I was only emailed once. I got some junk and automated emails too I mean, but those don't count. I still got work done although I felt my productivity levels being lower than normal just due to me feeling tired.

What Else

Other than that, nothing else really happened the entire day. I didn't go out to walk or ride my bike, I didn't work on anything special. Oh yeah, I felt like I had much less self control due to lack of sleep. I ate chips and junk food that were around the house, I just wasn't able to control myself.

Lack of sleep not only affects my energy and motivation to do things, it seems to also affect my self control. I mean it didn't make me play any video games or start binge watching senseless videos and shows, because I was too sleepy to do those things. But it did make me eat junk food. I'm pretty sure I would have wasted my time doing stupid things had I had the energy to do those things.

Overall it was a pretty lame day. This is a reminder to myself, to never go a day with such little sleep again, because I just have no energy to participate in my normal life on those days.

Actually some days I get 4 hours of sleep and still have a lot of energy. Some days I get like 2 hours and still have lots of energy. I think it's due to being woken up at different REM stages, being woken up in one stage may make me feel lethargic the rest of the day for example. In general though, it's not good to have such little sleep.

I'm looking forward to making tomorrow better than today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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