May 27, 2020




14:09: We had a math examen today. It was okay, despite, it seems I've got the Stochastik part wrong. I thought I got it right, but nope. So 117% don't make sense after all. I knew it but didn't know a better way.

I want to draw a "thank you" picture for Stefan. Hes always so generous p.p

17:46: I worked all the time on the KG picture 2. I'm sort of finished, now I wait for reply.* Then I can start the thanks card that I still don't know what exactly to draw there, but yeah.

Mom's lasagna will be ready soon :)

21:51: I'm tired. I drew nearly all the time (did a puzzle on the app in between). I'll go to bed then, but first I need to send Stefan the picture.



(31.05.2020): Had to edit it several times after that.

Written by Plesi`

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