May 27, 2020

Keep trying

It's been three months since I stayed at home, I experienced a lot of things, and have bad habits including delaying work, lazy to exercise and consume more calories than I should. Now, preparing to enter new normal, I was trying to improve my routine. Keeping this journal helps me try to meet my goals slowly. The important thing is, I keep trying and not giving up. Today I am back doing plank workout and abs workout. Wow, my body hurts here and there! But, my heart feels good. Hopefully this can continue on, I want to restore my body fit and get rid of this 3 kilos weight gain! Wish me luck :D

Written by purpeisme

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Posted On May 28, 2020

Yeah progress has a lot of ups and downs. It's never just a straight line up. You're going to have good days, bad days, really good days, and really bad days, along the way.

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