May 27, 2020

Normal day, walked around, did homework early for once.

10:44 PM

Pretty normal day today. I got my logs and stuff in the morning completed, I cooked up and ate some beans and rice, and then I got to working.

Morning Walk?

You know, I could probably fit in an hour of walking right before work starts. That way I could get 5000-6000 steps right in the morning. I just never really did that ever since I started working from home though. i used to do that in my office when I would get there really early (1-2 hours earlier than anyone else) and so I walked around for a while.


Work was pretty good! I got a decent amount of work done today. Much more than yesterday. Got a lot more emails today than yesterday too. Overall it helps to get a sufficient amount of sleep.

Driving and Walking

After work I drove around for maybe 45 minutes, maybe longer. I drove for around 30 miles, I think. Maybe it was 26 miles? Something like that. You know, that's a lot of miles. That's a marathon length, that would take me 5-6 hours to run roughly, and that would take me like 2-3 hours on a bike (my average speed is 10mph due to the sidewalks and up and down hills, etc). You know I realized that people can run marathons faster than me if I went my average cycling speed on a bike. Wow!!

I drive to help me relax and think. You could say I also walk to do those things. I can't really say that bicycling helps me think though, because it just doesn't. I'm going so fast on a bike and there's a bunch of turns and obstactles that usually I really have to pay attention to the path/road I'm traversing and nothing else. Walking and driving, if I'm going an aimless direction that I'm familiar with, then it doesn't matter, I can think while doing those activities. I could go round and round on a bike, but I have to be paying attention the entire time.

I walked around and around my neighborhood today, I walked on the sidewalk, I didn't even pay attention to anything. If I were on a bike, I would be going laps around this place so fast that I have to be paying attention. I can't free up my mind as easily as I can with walking and driving.

Also I drove because the car needed to be driven. It stays parked and dormant for the majority of the time these days.


After I cleared my mind, thought the thoughts I needed to think, and got back on track, I went back home and worked on homework right away.

Instead of waiting last minute, or literally, the last hour before homework is due before even starting on it, I just did my homework first thing when I came back. I didn't even do anything else. Nothing else, just homework. I finished it about 2-3 hours before it was due, which is a record ladies and gentlemen. Usually and I am not kidding, I'd be working until the last minute (right before the deadline) and submit it then. I have missed so many deadlines this way, and failed a bunch of homework assignmenst due to this. Doesn't matter if I finished the entire assignment, if I do not turn it in at deadline, it doesn't get graded, and that happened a bunch of times to me.

I still have not had a day when I have done homework 1 day earlier. Like, instead of doing homework the same day it's due, I do homework 1 day before it's due. I still haven't done that yet, ever. Anyway I want to start doing that just so I can write about it.

So that was my day today, overall an okay day.

Written by JustMegawatt

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