May 28, 2020

An unproductive moment in a productive day (a work-related journal entry)

Attended a Zoom meeting hosted by Mr Any Dong.

General comments on speaker presentation:

Speaker was acidic, annoying and used many repeated speech fillers e.g. "Okay? Okay??". He had a general obnoxious attitude towards his participants' queries and refused to answer questions specifically towards his competitors, actual volume of sales and ROI. He almost kicked out a participant when the participant referred to his business model as an investment-type. (Later on, I researched and found out that the speaker was bound by the country's mandatory financial laws on the declaration of his business model.)

The speaker targets a specific audience and is unafraid in sifting out the "cheap" and indecisive type of customers (he made it clear by actually saying it out to his participants).

He could have been more effective towards the end by elaborating more on his business instead of dealing with some payment issues that cropped up. Participants steadily left when they did not feel engaged and after they saw that he was more fixated on collecting payment.

Written by Seraphim

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