Dec. 7, 2022

Stayed at home all day, watched this one show for the first time

4:25 AM (of Thursday, December 8th 2022)

Today is Wednesday, December 7th 2022 and it was a pretty bad day today in terms of productivity. I did not do anything significant today. I did some things throughout the day, but nothing noteworthy.

We had our Vegpal morning standup meeting at 8 AM this morning instead of 11 AM, and I could have done anything after that like walk outside. Instead, I wasted most of the day doing pleasurable activities, watching anime and other waste of time activities.

There was this time at 1 PM where I recorded my voice for a voice over YouTube video. I hired someone to write a script about the top 10 longest fasts and so I could do a voice over, send it over, and they would make a YouTube video from that. I could have done something impromptu or came up with my own script and did my own research, made my own video, but it's kind of annoying to do all that. I do have the skills to do those things and I have done those things, I have like 3 million total views on my YouTube videos, all I made from scratch and edited. But I'm kinda feeling lazy? And I think it's way easier to just hire someone else to do these things.

I don't know if I'll get a return from making this YouTube video, but if I get even 1000 views I'd be happy with that. $25 and a few minutes of me recording my voice for 1000 views, potentially a lot more if people become really interested in the videos. I think that's a fair deal.

I think I'm going to keep using this guy. He is very motivated. He basically does all the work except for the voiceover, and all I have to do is upload the video, of course I have to probably write a description and do the keywords as well, maybe thumbnail as well if he doesn't provide that. And there we go.

Today was the first day I got through the first episode of this anime called Trinity Seven. This is a really fast paced anime in the sense that you just have to accept everything happening at face value without knowing what's going on. I didn't like that you're thrown head first into this anime and it's so confusing. How do people understand this or like this? It's a harem anime about magic users, in the first episode the main character wakes up with his roommate/cousin who loves him, and a few minutes later we find out this cousin/roommate was a fake and that the entire world was created by this guy, and then they're off into this school for magic users.

From there, he introduces himself in class and becomes the most famous and powerful student in the whole school. He meets up with the headmaster of the school and the headmaster tells him to conquer these 7 students and make them his pawns, and the 7 students are all girls who are the most powerful magic users in the school. So all the girls that meet him immediately love him, and at the same time they fight him or become his best friend immediately. It's so fast paced.

And you don't know anything about the rules of magic in this world. In the second episode, I think it's the second episode, one of the girls cast a spell that put him and two other girls into a barrier or another world or something. This girl says she wants to be his wife yet attempts to kill him. He would not have gotten out if he didn't cheat and ask his magic tome for help. The main character just has this tome or grimoire and it's apparently the most powerful one in the whole world. Where did he even get it from? And it can talk and think on its own and can transform into a woman and is very powerful. And he gives it to other people sometimes and they don't steal it, they just give it back despite it being extremely valuable and I don't see why they wouldn't want it for themselves. What?

Anyway the show is very fast paced. I don't think it's as fast paced as The 8th Son?! anime because in that anime he starts off as a baby born to a poor family in that anime, and by the third episode he has an audience with the king and the king gives him a lot of money and fame, and so that escalated far more quickly I think. But in this anime, it's so fast paced in that everything just happens so fast. New characters are introduced, concepts and things from the show come out of nowhere. It's just so fast paced. I don't know. There's so many characters too. It is confusing.

At night time Lia and I had a meeting and she basically scolded me. Then she said positive things about me.

Did I ever give my college classmate a nickname? I wrote about her a while back. We can call her Merry. She's a friend from college who was in the same fraternity as me, and she's vegan as well. She randomly popped up into my head a few months back and I decided to message her. She had a boyfriend at the time but we'd still randomly chat about whatever, and just a few weeks ago she recently broke up with him after being with him for 8 years because he cheated. I asked her if she was interested in going on a date like two weeks ago and she just got back to me today saying not right now because she's still devastated by the break up and all, but maybe in the future basically.

Wahl hasn't responded to me yet. She did view the message as read this morning though.

Also this entry is surprisingly long. I did not expect it to be this long. it's my longest entry in a while. But hey, I have a 3 day journal entry writing streak now. Wow!

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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