Dec. 13, 2022

Something Old In A Brand New Way

So I found this site through Habitica, and I figure I'll give it a shot. The app I was using didn't automatically date my entries, so I figured I'd try something that does. I wish I had the discipline to write in a physical journal, but this is a start.

I got some more stuff ordered for Christmas, and discovered that I have to go to the Post Office this a.m., my carrier lied and said my address was wrong on my Amazon package, presumably to get out of doing their JOB, but I will TRY to be nice about it. 'Tis the season and whatnot.

While I'm out, I'll try to stop & get the stuff I've got to get in person, like mom's birdseed and the boys' gas cards. Then I think I'll just have Brofessor & Co.* to finish, and then the wrapping to do.

I had a few days where I felt good, and felt productive, and really got some stuff accomplished, but then I seem to go through LONG periods of absolutely ZERO drive and motivation for ANYTHING... but even that is an improvement, so I just keep looking up!

*aliases provided to hopefully maintain a modicum of privacy for the people who 'do' life with me (and for my personal amusement 😉)

Written by MorningGlory

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