May 28, 2020

I took a really big risk today

12:44 AM (of Friday, May 29th 2020)

Today is Thursday, May 28th 2020 and I had a very good sleep last night. I must've fallen asleep for like 7+ hours because I felt pretty good throughout the day.

Morning Work and Breakfast

Anyway morning was pretty normal. I worked on my log entries this morning which just took a few minutes, and then I worked on some projects. I wonder what I was doing in the morning of all the other days where I wasn't working on anything? Seriously, what the heck was I doing? I got so much done working roughly an hour and a half, I should really do this more often, if not every day.

I didn't eat anything until a bit before 9 AM, before work started. I cooked up some canned beans and rice, and just ate that for breakfast.


For work I got what I needed to done. What sucks is that tomorrow will be a very busy day, because I ended today being given a bunch of tasks. Two tasks, one each from different people. Not easy tasks or else I wouldn't care, but really tricky ones. Combine that with two entirely separate other tasks I'm working on at the moment, and I'm getting some mental anguish just thinking about it. How can I do this?

After work man, I was so tired. Not about work itself, but just knowing I had those two tasks to do the next day. I did a little bit of both tasks today, and I was like, wow, tomorrow will be a challenge, especially since I'm going to try to get both things done tomorrow and two other tasks tomorrow. I was already planning on finishing those two other tasks tomorrow, like I was dead set on them, then these two additional ones given to me at the end of the day today. I thought I could do them today since they seemed pretty quick, but no, how am I going to do this?


So after work, I just drove around for a bit. Actually I cleaned my car up first. There were still some bird poop left over from last time, since I didn't have enough water and paper towels to clean them last time. I just wet three sheets of paper towels, brought two dry sheets, and used that to clean up the remaining bird poop. My car hasn't had a wash in ages.

After that I drove around. I drove around to relax I guess, and recalibrate myself. That's how I think of it anyway. It makes me forget about all the work stuff, and brings me into the mood to working only on my own stuff after. I discovered some new areas, and then I also went to the hard hill I kept writing about that I'd go over on a bike. My car did not actually struggle going up the hill, except on some parts. It's a pretty long and steep hill, but I wouldn't say my car struggled that hard to go over it. Maybe it's not such a hard hill after all?

When I drive I see people bicycling. I don't know what it is, but I just see everyone going so slowly. I have bicycled through many areas that I see people traversing through, and I just feel like I would've gone a lot faster. Maybe not? I don't know, it just feels that way. It was especially apparent when I saw an adult standing up and sprinting on a bike as hard as he could. To me he looked really slow, and I think I'm literally 2x faster than that, but I was also driving so it might be hard for me gauge speed, but he just looked like he was moving so slowly despite sprinting his hardest, and that I would have been able to pass him easily.


After that I walked around 7300 steps. It was not bad, I used it again to just relax and think some things over. There was a hard decision I wanted to make.

Hard and Risky Decision

I don't like keeping secrets or writing so vaguely, but I also don't want to be so open about certain things. So I'll write about it here, but in a vague fashion. What could it be about? Obviously if I look at this a year from now, I hope I remember. I'm pretty sure I'll remember. I'd be pretty stupid if I forget lol.

Man I have no idea if I did something good, but I did something really hard and risky for me. It was a pretty scary decision. I'm feeling pretty worried, but I won't know what will come of it until like a year or more from now. Either it was a good decision, or a really stupid one. It felt pretty good at the time, but I don't know any long term implications from this.


After that, I worked on and finished my homework. Second to last homework for the term. Woohoo! I have one final project left, which I'll work on this weekend, and then a final exam, and then done until the next term.

So that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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